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Inter-Rater Reliability & Certification

As you collect data from sites around the world, it’s important that your raters have all received the same instruction in scale administration. Repeated discrepancies from rater to rater in scales administration or data collection procedures can invalidate your study. Increase accuracy and precision while lowering problematic data noise and variance with customized rater training and certification from Bracket.

We’ve trained more than 37,000 raters in more than 75 countries. With more than 500 local language disease experts situated in sites around the world, we know what it takes to overcome linguistics and cultural barriers—commonly problematic for sites working together in a global clinical trial.

You’ll work closely with our therapeutic leaders to develop interactive, engaging and high-level training materials for raters worldwide. Train your raters to meet your high expectations and increase your chances for a better outcome in your trial.

You’ll be able to:

  • Increase understanding of target disease areas
  • Enhance accurate diagnosis and appropriate patient enrollment
  • Certify raters to conduct research interviews, administer and score rating instruments and maximize concordance with standardized scoring conventions
  • Strengthen regulatory submission packages through in-study ratings surveillance and reliability activities
  • Take advantage of culturally balanced curricula and translated materials
  • Leverage live, in-person training coupled with online, self-paced training
  • Segment tracks to accommodate trainees of varying levels of experience

For more information, contact the Bracket team.