Revolutionizing the Clinical Trial Supply Chain
with Acquisition of CLINapps

Bracket recently announced the acquisition of CLINapps Inc.

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Bracket Announces New Study for Assessment
of Brain Insulin Resistance in Alzheimer’s Disease

Researchers to Utilize Proprietary CDR SystemTM
from the Bracket eCOATM Product Line
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Who We Are

Science. Technology. Service.

We offer a unique suite of solutions, with a unique perspective on clinical research development. We focus on bringing together best-in-class science, technology and service to drive superior clinical outcome results for our clients and for their patients.

Increasing the Power of Clinical Research Data.

What We Do

Bracket innovates at the leading-edge of clinical research data, one exceptional service at a time. From the advanced technology of our eCOA electronic Clinical Outcomes Assessments flexible platform, to the efficiency of our scalable and configurable Randomization and Trial Supply Management (RTSM) Clinical IRT solution, to our science-focused Rater Training and Quality Assurance programs, Bracket does it faster, better and with an eye on the future of our industry.


Electronic Clinical Outcomes Assessments

Bracket eCOA™ is a flexible platform for electronic Clinical Outcomes Assessments that collects information from patients (ePRO), clinicians (eClinRO) and other observers (eObsRO).


Randomization and Trial Supply Management

Scalable & Configurable. Our IVRS/IWRS solution enables clients to implement standardized or complex system delivery requirements.


Rater Training &
Quality Assurance

Customized Training and Validated Assessment Programs

Subjective methods of collecting research data rely on interpretation by individual research professionals. Bracket’s customized training and validated assessment programs increase precision and reduce variability.