The Industry’s Need for an Advanced and Transformative IRT Solution

Byprimerano-jim Jim Primerano, Sr. Vice President and General Manager, eClinical at Bracket

Interactive Response Technology (IRT) is vital in managing the patients and drug supplies involved throughout all stages of clinical trial studies, but the most effective IRT systems offer more advanced functionality and seamless software integration. When these elements combine with innovations in user acceptance testing (UAT) and standardized delivery integration, the result is a next-generation IRT. This must-have technology streamlines automation processes to allow for rapid study deployment that integrates standardized delivery requirements, supports the majority of trial constructs and furthers the adoption of digitization in the life science industry.

Today, it exists in the form of the newly released Bracket CUBETM, an IRT solution that allows for streamlined, rapid trial deployment that increases the efficiency of clinical trials. When selecting an IRT to manage complex studies and connect clinical trial sites and supply chains, consider the core components and key benefits of this type of modern IRT solution.

  • A feature-rich configuration framework

An advanced IRT system is configured using an iterative UAT to lay the groundwork for a streamlined deployment process. Its capabilities allow sponsors to effortlessly leverage RTSM benefits without the associated constraints of time and cost. The model is easy to implement and aims for increased trial efficiency by deemphasizing requirement documentation and instead prioritizing unique configuration needs to enable superior statistical outcomes.

  • Rapid and streamlined study deployment

With this IRT solution, sponsors can deploy studies in one to two weeks through a UAT process that lets a study team fully visualize the RTSM system. This accelerates timelines and improves efficiency for all those involved, eliminating the need for pre-approved system requirement documentation. An advanced IRT supports most trial design constructs and focuses on a quick, user-accepted solution.

  • Collaborative user-centric configuration

A user acceptance build experience that welcomes engagement sets the new standard for the way sponsors collaborate to deploy IRT. With a rapid project lifecycle, this IRT lets sponsors experience the system prior to requirements approval. Its robust functionality supports an automated deployment process and makes it an easy to use, productive tool for clinical trial management.

Bracket has recently introduced CUBE, a transformative next-generation IRT solution for the life science industry, to its suite of configurable clinical research solutions. This new product leverages an iterative user acceptance build experience and Bracket’s full RTSM platform to streamline and accelerate study deployments. Possessing all the above qualities of a modern IRT system, CUBE is an advanced implementation model that balances cost and value creation for biotech and pharma sponsors.

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Bracket Introduces Transformative IRT Solution, CUBE™, to Biotech and Pharma Sponsors

WAYNE, Pa — Bracket, a leading clinical trial technology and specialty services provider, announced today the release of CUBETM, a transformative interactive response technology (IRT) solution for the life sciences industry. Designed through an iterative user acceptance build experience, CUBE will be immediately available to qualifying biotechnology and pharmaceutical trial sponsors through Bracket.

The solution will enable biotech and pharma sponsors to utilize an innovative new solution to deploy studies in one to two weeks. It leverages an iterative user acceptance build experience to provide a rapid and advanced deployment methodology without the time and cost constraints of traditional IRT solutions. Key highlights of CUBE for biotech and pharma sponsors of any size include:

  • Accelerate times for sponsors and improves efficiency for CROs
  • Leverages Bracket’s full RTSM platform, but streamlines deployment through automation
  • Rapid project lifecycle lets sponsors experience the system prior to requirements approval
  • Reduce lengthy turnaround times for enhancements and in-study changes

“We’re so pleased to introduce CUBE to the life sciences marketplace and are confident that its easy-to-implement nature will improve the process of managing clinical supplies,” said Jeff Kinell, CEO at Bracket. “By deemphasizing requirement documents and prioritizing unique configuration needs, CUBE will undoubtedly evolve the paradigm of how sponsors collaborate to deploy IRT.”

The platform’s iterative UAT process allows study teams to visualize the RTSM system during the kick off meeting. This accelerates timelines for sponsors and improves efficiency for CROs. CUBE also leverages Bracket’s full RTSM platform, but streamlines the deployment of configuration profiles through automation. It’s intended to support most trial design constructs.

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