Bracket and Uber Health Partner to Make Clinical Research More Convenient for Patients

Written by Jeff Lee
President, mProve Health, a Bracket Company

At Bracket, we develop technology that helps to improve the clinical research experience for all patients. For over seven years, our award-winning Patient Engagement mobile solution has helped thousands of patients in over 60 countries worldwide navigate their clinical trial from start to finish. The solution includes appointment scheduling for research site visits, patient diaries, medication reminders, educational materials, and integrations to third-party services such as reimbursements, payments, and lab courier pick-ups.

A top challenge that research patients face is access to reliable, affordable, and pre-paid transportation to get to the clinic for their regular study visits. That’s why we are excited to announce our partnership with Uber Health, a HIPAA compliant version of Uber’s well-known rideshare services. Via the Uber Health API, we can offer research patients the ability to request a ride from our Patient Engagement app, with payment covered directly by their pharmaceutical sponsor. Sponsors can access detailed trip histories and analytics like aggregated billing for greater quality assurance.

Patients who have used our technology value having a single, mobile touchpoint that integrates study commitments into their daily life. We eliminate the need for patients to access multiple disparate systems or rely on manual paper practices to keep up with study requirements. By integrating the world’s most well-known on-demand ride service, Uber, into our existing app, we hope to ease one of the top burdens that patients face in their research journey. Uber Health offers patients greater reliability than alternative car services with the features today’s consumers have come to expect: predictable ETAs, precise pickup and drop-off locations, the ability to pre-schedule rides, guaranteed driver supply when needed, and more.

For more information about how you can leverage Uber Health and Bracket’s Patient Engagement solution in your clinical trial, contact us.