Bracket Announces Release of “Intelligently Designed” eCOA Solution for the Vineland Adaptive Behavior Scale

WAYNE, PA  –  Bracket, a leading clinical trial technology and specialty services provider, today released a sophisticated electronic clinical outcomes assessment (eCOA) solution for Pearson’s Vineland Adaptive Behavior Scale, Second Edition (Vineland™-II), an assessment tool used to identify various special needs.

The Vineland-II is a complicated assessment that can be difficult for clinicians to administer in clinical research settings. Utilized nationwide, this tool measures communication, socialization, daily living and motor skills and maladaptive behavior in individuals from birth to adulthood. Traditionally, the Vineland-II has been administered in a semi-structured interview, via paper-and-pencil, in the form of a questionnaire.

Bracket’s Rater Station eCOA solution for the Vineland-II is helping to drive efficiencies, productivity and accuracy in the identification of various special needs by offering an electronic version of the clinical assessment. Highly interactive, the solution helps make a clinician’s time with a patient more effective.

“Pearson’s Vineland Adaptive Behavior Scale helps clinicians gain a total picture of an individual and as a result, ensuring its optimal efficiency and accuracy is vital,” said Jeff Kinell, CEO of Bracket. “By partnering with Pearson to introduce an electronic version of the Vineland-II, we aim to provide clinicians, parents and caregivers with a precise and modernized method for administering the questionnaire.”

At the forefront of digitization in clinical trials, Bracket’s eCOA version of the Vineland-II is highly customizable and includes features that make it more powerful than the classic paper-and-pencil test, including:

  • Adaptive logic that allows clinicians to only administer and score patient-specific items;
  • A prompted interview that guides a clinician through the scale; and
  • Automated scoring algorithms that reduce time and eliminate human error.

“Pearson Assessment is pleased to be associated with the high quality adaptation of one of our key products, now available to our Pharma partners,” said Paul McKeown, Director Global Licensing and Strategic Partnerships at Pearson.  “This is a great example of how we, as IP owners, can work with a leading CRO to produce a quality outcome for the sponsor and this significant piece of pharma research. Bracket is a very important associate for us in this market and we look forward to building on this work moving forward.”

About Bracket

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