Bracket at the BNA 2013: Festival of Neuroscience, London

By Professor Keith Wesnes, BSc, PhD, FSS, Cpsychol, FBPsS

The British Neuroscience Association’s biennial meeting in 2013 involved 18 learned societies with neuroscience interests who contributed symposia to the programme, creating a meeting with 56 scientific sessions and 7 plenary lectures involving more than 240 speakers, over 80 from outside the U.K. I presented four papers on the contribution of Bracket’s proprietary CDR System to current research in cognitive neuroscience, including: a review of the system’s unique record in detecting cognition enhancement in volunteers and over 30 clinical conditions; the development and validation of the platform for administering the system via the internet; and the latest exciting developments with a CDR System task which can detect changes in the activity of the hippocampal dentate gyrus, one of the two brain regions responsible for neurogenesis in man.

Click on the links below to view the posters:

An Instrument for Conducting Cognitive Testing via the Internet 

Human Hippocampal Neurogenesis Assessed by Object Pattern Recognition: In Which Clinical Conditions is the Dentate Gyrus Functioning Normally?

Are Traditional Neuropsychological Tests When Administered Repeatedly Suitable for Assessing Therapeutic Benefits to Cognitive Function in Clinical Trials?

A Review of 187 Clinical Trials of Cognition Enhancement Using a Single Computerized System Designed Specifically for Clinical Neuroscience