Bracket Presents New Research at the 2015 NCDEU – ASCP Annual Meeting

Bracket will be presenting several new research papers at this year’s NCDEU-ASCP Annual Meeting in Miami, FL. Bracket is committed to methodological research and a continuous examination of the best approaches to improving outcomes in CNS clinical trials.

      Increasing Signal Over Noise in MDD Clinical Trials: Rating Improvement After Efficacy Scale Training Among Experienced MDD Investigators addresses the inconsistent use and interpretation of psychiatric rating scales amongst investigators.

      Effects of Rater Change on Increased PANSS Score Variability examines issues related to rater change and variability in primary outcome scoring.

      Regional Distribution of Scoring Errors in Rating the Clinical Global Impression Scale in Global Schizophrenia Clinical Trials shows that Errors in scoring the CGI are relatively common and vary in frequency by geographical region.