Bracket to Introduce Next Generation eCOA Platform at 2016 DIA Annual Meeting

Bracket, a leading clinical trial technology and specialty services provider, will launch its next generation clinical outcomes platform, Bracket eCOA℠ 6.0, at the 52nd Annual DIA Meeting held on June 26 – 30, 2016 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.  A demonstration of eCOA 6.0, the first electronic Clinical Outcome Assessment product of its kind to fully integrate with RTSM, will be held at DIA Booth #715.

questionnaire-menu-mockup-r2Bracket eCOA 6.0 is a flexible platform for electronic clinical outcomes assessments that is driving digitization in clinical trials. The platform integrates with industry-leading Samsung Galaxy smartphones and tablets, and Microsoft’s Surface Pro Windows tablets to support ePRO, eClinRO and eObsRO, and features fully integrated clinician and patient-facing tools, to ensure the experience is fully harmonized for any user.

“Bracket eCOA combines science and technology to collect patient information through smartphones or tablets, and ultimately achieve higher quality outcomes and efficiency in clinical trials,” said Jeff Kinell, Chief Executive Officer for Bracket. “We are pleased to launch eCOA 6.0 and continue demonstrating our commitment to paper-free clinical trials as we prepare for the mobile revolution.”

The platform’s integration with industry leading Clinical IRT solution, Bracket RTSM, enables subject questionnaires that trigger enrollment eligibility and randomization to kickoff schedule of reported outcomes entries. Its advisory services support scale design, development, licensing and validation, rater training and certification, clinical review and quality assurance, data analytics and compliance tracking.

You can learn more about Bracket eCOA here.

About Bracket

Bracket, with seven offices and more than 500 employees worldwide, is a clinical trial technology and specialty services provider dedicated to helping biopharmaceutical sponsors and contract research organizations increase the power of their clinical research data by leveraging core competencies in Science, Technology, and Service. Bracket eCOA is a flexible platform for electronic clinical outcomes assessments. Bracket RTSM is a best-in-breed, scalable and configurable clinical IRT solution for the life sciences industry. Bracket Rater Training and Quality Assurance improve outcomes through customized training and quality assurance programs.