Bracket Volunteers at Fall Festival for Special Olympics

1On Friday November 4, a few Bracket employees (Pictured – Katie Degnen, Heather DiPietrantonio, Vanessa Smaletz, David Rucker, and Lauren Riley) spent the afternoon volunteering at the Fall Festival for Special Olympics located at Villanova University. What a great experience! They participated in their very own cheering section for the 7v7 soccer athletes. They cheered on two talented teams: The Lakers and The Flames. The athletes were beyond excited to hear their names called from the side lines! According to the Bracket team, FAVORITE Flames were definitely on fire, and they even made a rock star buddy. Meet Kevin, pictured in green!


It is wonderful to see our company support such an amazing event. We at Bracket, look forward to volunteering again next year and hope others will join in on the fun!

Some Afterthoughts:

“Cheering for the athletes had such a positive effect on the atmosphere and their self-esteem that I actually felt it was more rewarding than doing something with a quantifiable result, like giving out food. The entire reason they came was for the excitement and to have fun, and I think by taking an active participatory role, we really helped foster that exciting environment.”- Vanessa Smaletz

It “filled my heart with joy to see the smiles on the athletes’ faces” – Heather DiPietrantonio