Bracket’s Industry-First Mobile Suite

Bracket’s mobile App for iOS and Android is the industry’s only native, dedicated App to allow fully functional screening, randomization, drug dispensation, and barcode scanning from a smartphone. Bracket RTSM Mobile App is fully secure, reduces errors in drug dispensation, and streamlines site activities. It is paired with our Bracket Analytics Mobile App, providing quick, portable views of a Bracket RTSM study’s key performance indicators.


Bracket’s Mobile Suite Solution

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phoneSMS Patient Reminders

Bracket’s newest addition to the RTSM platform is SMS Patient Reminders. This core component of Bracket’s RTSM 4.0 platform sends mobile patient reminders, delivered via SMS text messaging, directly to the patient’s mobile phone once opted in to the service.

All messages and patient data are encrypted and stored safely. The service is now available globally, and the reminders can be tailored to specific dosing regimens and communications types on a study-by-study basis.

Ad-Hoc Reporting

Bracket’s self-serve, ad-hoc reporting features allow users to create and run their own reports based on existing data fields in their studies. In addition, the Bracket reports suite allows sponsors and CROs to track subjects, monitor sites and manage drug supply; authorized users are now able to build their own personal reports. Access to all data and reports is configurable on a study- and user-specific basis, to ensure only appropriate staff at the sponsor, CRO, and site have access to sensitive data.

Easy & Simple User Access

Bracket supports a common login for most internal tools, allowing for access to both our RTSM and eCOA reporting functions using the same credentials. In addition, Bracket now supports the industry wide SAML 2.0 standards that allow for Single Sign-On federation with existing sponsor systems or other service provider tools, such as CTMS and portal tools.