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The following PDF files are available for download. They include posters from Endpoint Reliability, Cognition, and Training & Certification. Please direct any questions or requests using our Contact Us form.

Endpoint Reliability

Analysis of Family History Subgroups on Drug Placebo Separation and Placebo Response in a Positive Pivotal MDD Study of Levmomilnacipran

Analysis of the Impact of Family History Subgroups on Drug Placebo Separation and Placebo Response on Tandem Rater and Computer Outcomes in RCTS

Attitudes of Investigators and Site Staff Toward Placebo Response in International CNS Clinical Trials

Can Screen to Baseline MMSE Variability in AD Clinical Trials Affect Primary Outcome Measurement

Comparison of Computer vs. Site-based Rater Administration of the MADRS in
Placebo Controlled Trials

Could A Simplifi ed PANSS Be More Efficient?

Does Rater Experience Influence UPDRS Inter-rater Reliability

Electronic Administration of a Clinical Trials Version of the MMSE (eMMSE-CT)

Enriched Rater Training and In-study Ratings Surveillance: A Synergy?

Estimating the Likelihood of Two Raters Assessing the Same Patient Exactly the Same Using the PANSS

Evidence That Sites Can Conduct High Quality Interviews and Ratings in Global Clinical Trials

Evidence that Sites Can Conduct High Quality Interviews and Ratings in Global Clinical Trials

External Review of Videotaped Diagnostic and Rating Interviews in Global Schizophrenia Clinical Trials: Initial Findings

Frequency and Regional Distribution of Errors Scoring the CGI Detected by Blinded Data Analytics

How Do US Clinical Research Sites Compare with Rest of World in Interview and Ratings Quality?

How Do US Sites Compare with Rest of World in PANSS Interview and Ratings Quality?

Identical Item Scores Across Visits in CNS Trials with Focus on Parkinson’s Disease. Mapping the Territory

Identification of Sites of Concern in a Large Parkinson’s Disease (PD) Clinical Trial – Preliminary Findings

Identifying Sites of Concern in PD Studies – A Risk Based Approach

Impact of Overzealous Patients and Raters on Drug-Placebo Separation in an MDD Trial: Analysis of Tandem Ratings

Implementing New Clinical Outcome Assessment Instruments on Alternative Date Collection Modes: The Electronic Implementation Assessment and Migration Process.

Improvement of Clinicians’ Assessment of Patients at Inclusion Visits in an MDD Clinical Trial

Influence of 3 Protocol-Specific Eligibility Criteria on Signal Detection

Initial Findings of the Rater Quality Questionnaire (RQQ): A New Tool for Evaluating Quality of Ratings in Global Clinical Trials

The Impact of Audio/Video In-study Interview Monitoring Implementation on Subject Recruitment

Laterality Index – A means of identifying sites of concern in Parkinson’s disease clinical trials

Lower Cronbach’s Alpha at Baseline Than Next Visit in Studies With and Without Separate Inclusionary Scales

Major Depressive Symptom Patterns Among International Clinical Trial Patients

A Novel Computer-Prompted Tandem Rating Assessment for Adult ADHD Clinical Trials

Ongoing Monitoring and Feedback Decreases Error Rates and Improves Internal Consistency of PANSS Ratings in an International Clinical Trial

Regional Patterns in Baseline Efficacy Scale Internal Consistency in an International MDD Clinical Trial – Can Poor Ratings Patterns Improve?

Risk Based Data Quality Monitoring Utilizing Data Analytics and Recorded PANSS Interviews in Global Schizophrenia Trials

Risk-based Monitoring for Aberrant Rating Patterns and Patient Selection Anomalies in Global Schizophrenia Trials

Separation of Drug Effect from Placebo Control in AD Trials: Improving the Chances

Variability in MMSE Scores Between Screening and Baseline Visits: Alzheimer’s Disease

Variation in MADRS Reliability Over the Course of Randomized Controlled Trials: Comparison of Computer vs. Site-Based Rater Administration

Why Do Clinical Trials Fail? Learning from Computer Administered Assessments


5HT1A Genotypes & Cognitive Function in Major Depressive Disorder

An Automated Executive Function Task For Repeated Administration In Clinical Trials In Schizophrenia

An Internet Based Instrument for Cognitive Function Assessment

An Instrument to Assess Improvements in Attention and Information Processing in Therapeutic Stroke Trials

An Instrument for Conducting Cognitive Testing via the Internet

The Application of Cognitive Neuroscience to Clinical Research I: Detecting Cognition Enhancement in Man

The Application of Cognitive Neuroscience to Clinical Research II: Testing Cognitive Function via the Internet

The Application of Cognitive Neuroscience to Clinical Research III: Evidence from a Cognitive Task of Compromised Neurogenesis in Schizophrenics

Are Neuropsychological Tests Such As Those Used In ADNI Suitable For Long-Term Trials Of Cognition Enhancers For Preclinical Alzheimer’s Disease Or For Prevention?

A Novel Automated Test Suitable for the Repeated Assessment of Executive Function in Clinical Trials in Schizophrenia

Are Traditional Neuropsychological Tests When Administered Repeatedly Suitable for Assessing Therapeutic Benefits to Cognitive Function in Clinical Trials?

Assessing Cognitive Function Via The Internet

Attention Deficits Play a Major Role in the Profile of Cognitive Dysfunction in Parkinson’s Disease

Automated Tests Of Attention And Information Processing As An Alternative To The Paced Auditory Serial Addition Test (Pasat) In Clinical Trials In Multiple Sclerosis

Breaking evidence from a human object pattern separation test
of disrupted hippocampal dentate gyrus activity in schizophrenics

Clinical Trials in Which The CDR System Has Been Employed to Detect Enhancements in Cognitive Function

Cognitive Declines Year by Year in Non-Demented Elderly Aged 70 to 90 Years

A Cognitive Task Sensitive to Dentate Gyrus Activity which has Implications for Assessing Neurogenesis Status in Aging and Various Clinical Conditions

A Cognitive Task Sensitive To Dentate Gyrus Activity Which Has Implications For Assessing Neurogenesis Status In Various Conditions Including Normal And Pathological Ageing

A Comparison Of Traditional Neuropsychological Tests And Automated Cognitive Tests In Assessing Cognitive Decline In The Elderly

Compromised Hippocampal Neurogenesis: An Examination Using a Picture Recognition Task of the
Range of Clinical Conditions in Which Compounds Which Target This Process Could Prove Effective

Computerised Cognitive Testing Can Identify Year By Year Declines In Non-Demented Elderly Aged 70 To 90 Years

Development of a Rule Switching Test Designed to Assess Executive Control

Differences in memory function between 5HT1A genotypes in
patients with major depressive disorder

Different Associations Between Cognitive Impairment and Severity of Symptoms Among ADHD, Schizophrenia and MDD

The Effects Of Chronic Lower Back Pain On Cognitive Function

Evaluation of a Rule Switching Test Designed to Assess Executive Control

Evidence that Compromised Neurogenesis in Alzheimer’s Disease
is Linked to APOE ϵ4 Status and CSF Aß42

First Human Behavioural Evidence of Compromised Dentate Gyrus
Neurogenesis in PD is Unrelated to Poor Attention and Impulsivity

Human Hippocampal Neurogenesis Assessed by Object Pattern Recognition:
In Which Clinical Conditions is the Dentate Gyrus Functioning Normally?

Improving The Psychometric Properties Of The Multiple Sclerosis Functional Composite Index: Replacing The PASAT-3” With A Brief Measure Of Vigilant Attention. A Pilot Study In Relapsing Remitting Multiple Sclerosis Patients

Is Neurogenesis In The Dentate Gyrus Compromised In Parkinson’s Disease?

Low-Contrast Visual Acuity Correlates with Cognitive Performance in Relapsing-Remitting and Secondary- Progressive Multiple Sclerosis

The Majority Of The Neuropsychological Tests Used In ADNI Are Not Suitable Instruments For Research In Preclinical Alzheimer’s Disease

The Measurement of Normal and Abnormal Age-Related Declines in Human Cognitive Function

Neurogenesis – The New Target for Drug Development

Object pattern separation performance in Alzheimer’s patients links
compromised hippocampal neurogenesis to APOE4 status and CSF Aß42

Parkinson’s Patients have Compromised Performance on an Object Pattern SeparationTask Suggesting Decreased Neurogenesis in the Dentate Gyrus

Pattern Separation Deficits In Man Support Animal & Postmortem Work To Provide Breaking Behavioral Evidence Of Impaired Neurogenesis In Schizophrenia

Pattern Separation Deficits in Schizophrenics Support Animal & Postmortem Work to Provide Breaking Behavioural Evidence of Impaired Neurogenesis in the Condition

Practice Effects on Neuropsychological Tests Can Last for Several Years and Make Them Unsuitablefor Long-Term Clinical Trials

The prevalence and nature of Mild Cognitive Impairment in Parkinson’s disease (PD-MCI) identified using different cognitive testing methodologies

A Review of 186 Clinical Trials Reporting Cognition Enhancement Using a Single Computerized System Designed Specifically for Clinical Neuroscience

Sustained And Widespread Improvements In Cognitive Function Produced By An Energy Shot In Healthy Volunteers

The Transition Of Cognitive Decline From Normal Ageing To Mild Cognitive Impairment And Alzheimer’s Disease

Validation Of An Automated Rule Switching Test Of Executive Function

Validation of an Automated Rule Switching Test of Executive Function

Validation Of An Internet Based Instrument For Assessing Cognitive Function

Visuoperceptual Task Performance in Dementia with Lewy Bodies

What are the Optimal Cognitive Outcomes for Trials in Preclinical Alzheimer’s Disease?

When Patients with Schizophrenia are Assessed Using Computerised Cognitive Tests, the Dominant Impairments are to Attention and Information Processing

Training & Certification

Peer Reviewed Papers & Chapters


CDR System Peer Reviewed Publication List