Revolutionizing the Clinical Trial Supply Chain with Acquisition of CLINapps

Byprimerano-jim  Jim Primerano, Sr. Vice President and General Manager, eClinical at Bracket

Bracket recently announced the acquisition of CLINapps Inc., an international software development and consulting firm that offers a comprehensive supply chain management product suite, designed to meet the unique requirements of biopharmaceuticals management.

Bracket has a long history of providing support for clinical IRT in clinical trials. Managing randomization and supply management is a bread-and-butter activity for every clinical trial. Bracket has focused on developing and deploying a sophisticated, reliable solution that is being used in hundreds of clinical trials today.

And Bracket has a long history of innovation in this area. From our development of the original “dynamic randomization algorithms” developed nearly 20 years ago, to our introduction of cutting-edge mobile tools to support research sites, we’ve always been committed to improving our technology.

clinappsWith CLINapps, we are able to join together with an organization with a similar history. The original CLINapps SmartSupplies technology was designed to assist sponsor companies be more efficient and effective in the planning, monitoring, and distribution of clinical supplies. Over the years, the CLINapps team has evolved their software solutions to better address the variety of needs related to your clinical supply chain. Product returns, forecasting, labeling, cold-chain management, are all essential components of managing your supplies in a clinical program.

CLINapps was formed in 1999 by Tim Elliott and Michelle Niles. Tim had worked in biotech, and understood first-hand the challenges related to working with clinical supplies. CLINapps set out with a mission to build reliable, enterprise software to handle tasks that had traditionally been managed manually or with spreadsheets. Tim and Michelle are staying on and will continue to work on making the SmartSupplies products best-in-class.

With synergies across our individual product offerings, we will combine our eClinical suite with CLINapps’ complimentary products offering to deliver a wider range of digital solutions across a trial. Together, we aim to revolutionize clinical trial supply chain management.

Effective on November 17, 2016, highlights of this strategic integration include:

  • CLINapps product portfolio will be tightly integrated into our eClinical product suite, adding to our existing Randomization and Trial Supply Management (RTSM) capabilities.
  • CLINApps’ flagship enterprise clinical trial material management software solutions, SmartSupplies, will give us the opportunity to manage end to end clinical inventory management for sponsors.
  • The integrated solution will advance areas of demand planning (forecasting), inventory management, cold chain distribution and controls, electronic batch records and overall quality control of the labeling, release, assignment and return of clinical trial material.
  • CLINapps maintains offices in San Diego, California and Hyderabad, India and will continue to operate these locations, expanding our presence in North America and Asia.

For existing sponsors and sites who are already working with either CLINapps or Bracket, you should expect no changes to your ongoing programs. By bringing together the Bracket and CLINapps technologies and complimentary functions, it is our hope that we can provide sponsor companies are more holistic and effective solution for their Randomization and Clinical Supply Chain management processes. It is a natural fit to expand into adjacent supply chain management solutions with patient randomization and supply assignment, and we feel that an end to end supply chain management solution will innovate how clinical research programs are operationally executed.

You can visit the CLINapps website for more information on the SmartSupplies product line, and you can read our press release here.