At Bracket, we are committed to the preservation of the earth for many generations to come. We illustrate this commitment by using technology and green business practices in each of our global offices.

Bracket uses highly specialized technology every day to ensure accuracy and efficiency in the clinical trial process for our clients. We also use this technological expertise to gain efficiencies in our sustainability efforts. Bracket provides employees the opportunity to use technology to complete everyday tasks in an environmentally responsible manner. Employees have access to online platforms which allow web meetings, document and screen sharing, internal training, human resources requests, travel booking, and document storage. In addition, employees are able to access the Bracket network remotely from anywhere in the world, including from home while utilizing our telecommuting benefit.

The Bracket green business practices include recycling, reducing energy consumption, and using responsible building practices. Recycling plays a key role in our sustainability efforts at Bracket. Our global recycling program consists of properly disposing paper and waste, including composting and e-waste recycling. When we discard of confidential documents, the paper is shredded into confetti-sized pieces, then bundled and recycled into paper products. Local teams are instructed to purchase recycled office supply items whenever possible and to provide reasonable and responsible packaging options for outgoing items. Bracket is committed to purchasing only energy-star certified office and computer equipment. In an effort to reduce waste caused by paper cups and plastic water bottles, Bracket provides employees with filtered-water coolers, reusable coffee mugs, and BPA free tumblers.

Many of our office buildings are Class A, LEED, or Energy Star certified. When constructing new offices, we work with industry professionals who help to design our offices with sustainability goals in mind. Bracket uses recycled building products, paint free of or containing low amounts of volatile organic compounds, and energy star appliances and equipment in all new and renovation projects. In order to reduce our energy usage in existing offices, we worked with local landlord teams to install blinds, light sensors, and replace light bulbs with compact fluorescent bulbs, which use about 75% less energy than standard bulbs. To encourage use of public transportation, Bracket offers employees in metropolitan areas pre-tax transportation benefits and a company-match contribution.

Using exploration and innovation, Bracket is committed to finding new ways to minimize our environmental impact and to furthering our energy conservation and sustainability efforts.