Bracket eCOA was designed to make patients feel like “partners” in their clinical trial, rather than “generators of data.” It’s the industry’s only eCOA platform to win the 2018 Best Patient Focused Technology CARE Award, a recognition of its unified mobile technology platform for patients, caregivers and clinicians.

In a single platform it delivers robust capabilities for data collection via ePRO, eDiaries, eClinRO, eObsRO and ePerfO, a patient engagement experience, and integrations to complementary third-party patient-facing technology solutions. The solution is available to use on any Android or iOS device (patient owned or procured), and it integrates with the leading electronic data capture systems.

Bracket eCOA includes personalized patient reminders, visit schedule information, multimedia reference tools, gamification, direct-from-site communications, and more. Its integrations with third party vendors provides a single touchpoint for patient consent, payments, travel and lab courier pickup.

Why Use Bracket eCOA?

Supports any trial, including virtual trials

It works seamlessly on personal and provisioned devices. Its integrations to industry-leading recruitment, screening and e-consent technolo­gies provide an end-to-end solution for virtualized research.

Boosts patient compliance and study completion

Having a unified app and reminder system that includes patient PROs, diaries and engagement features makes it easy for patients to integrate study commitments into their daily lives.

Deploys quickly so it’s always ready for FPI

Its single app and modern architecture allows us to configure study-specific requirements in a matter of weeks, enabling your study team to meet challenging timelines.

Enhance Your eCOA Strategy

Scale Management & Translation

Our in-house team enables use of copyrighted instruments in electronic format. We support all translation processes.


Logistics staff oversees device inventory and management, including helpdesk support for patients and sites around the globe.

Site Training & Optimization

Our site optimization team provides training and serves as a “concierge” throughout the study duration.

Data Managment

Our data management team oversees data delivery, ensuring clean, quality data and reporting.

Outcomes Advisory

Our in-house clinicians and scientists are outcomes experts who ensure that data is collected according to all applicable standards.

Take Advantage of the Latest Data Capture Innovation

Introducing novel endpoints requires gathering information that would be difficult or impossible without the latest technology. Bracket eCOA not only collects data from survey instruments, but it also captures data from medical devices, wearables, voice recordings, images of skin conditions and more.

Bracket eCOA delivers outcomes for modern trial designs