Bracket IRT is a quick-deploy solution for managing randomization and clinical supplies, trusted by leading life science companies for more than 20 years. Its proprietary deployment framework, CUBETM, which stands for Configuration by User Based Experience, is a game-changing delivery method.

What Does the CUBETM Methodology Provide?

2x faster delivery of the highest quality launch-ready system and 50% faster delivery of mid-trial enhancements

We can deploy your IRT system in 1 to 4 weeks from the initial kick-off meeting. When protocol amendments happen mid-study, we use the same process to deploy system updates quickly.

50% less study team effort required at study startup

We know your time is especially valuable during the study startup phase and have therefore developed configurable checklists to save you hours of design calls and allow you to skip review of source documents.

100% satisfaction guarantee that the system we deliver perfectly matches your requirements

You can visualize the system as it’s being built for your protocol and we make updates in real-time, eliminating risk and ensuring the system we launch matches your requirements perfectly.

2x Faster IRT Launch When Deployed With CUBETM

Implementation & Support

Compatible with EDCs, ePROs, CTMSs, other data systems and Bracket SmartSupplies

We ensure that integrations between Bracket IRT and your study’s other data system are up and running for launch. We’re the only provider to offer an out-of-the-box integration between Bracket IRT and Bracket SmartSupplies, a solution that forecasts, labels, distributes, manages and reconciles clinical supplies. Our clients use these solutions together to avoid stock outs, reduce overage and prevent unnecessary packing runs.

Think again, paper is not the only lightweight solution

Are you using spreadsheets because traditional IRT systems are costly and slow to setup? With the power of CUBE™, Bracket’s IRT can be quickly and easily configured to function as a lightweight system to support small Phase I studies, investigator-initiated trials and more.

24/7 support

At Bracket, we recognize that leading edge technology is only part of the success criteria for IRT deployment. We provide industry-leading support via a dedicated project team and 24/7 helpdesk to ensure your success from system build to study close.


“Bracket’s new, proprietary CUBE implementation methodology…allowed a major system design change to be implemented within a matter of days (as opposed to weeks), thereby minimizing the impact to FPI. The alternative would have been an extensive delay (4-6 months) due to relabeling the supplies. We expect Bracket IRT, powered by CUBE to play an increasingly more critical role in our IWRS portfolio, enhancing our ability to deliver studies and protocol-driven changes with much greater speed and flexibility.” -Vendor Management Team Leader, Randomization & Trial Supply Management

To inquire about Bracket IRT or Bracket’s other services, please contact our main U.S. number at 888.794.0122, fill out the form to the right, or locate an office in your area.