Bracket is pleased to announce that we are an Uber Health partner, and can offer reliable transportation to patients in clinical trials through the Uber Health API. Read why we think this will help make clinical trials more accessible.

Bracket’s patient engagement solution is a consumer-grade, regulatory compliant mobile app and reminder system that helps patients stay connected and compliant with your study. Since its launch in 2011, it has been used by 18 of the top 20 pharmaceutical companies, 15,000 clinical research sites in over 60 countries and is translated in over 50 languages to support patients across the globe.

Why Use a Patient Engagement Solution?

Improve the study experience for all patients

Patients who have used our system value having a single, mobile touchpoint that integrates study commitments into their daily life. We eliminate the need for patients to access multiple disparate systems or rely on manual paper practices to keep up with study requirements.

Increase study completion rates

We’ve demonstrated that patients who use our engagement solution are up to 80% more likely to complete the study when compared to patients in the same study without the app and reminder system. With higher completion rates, you’ll save time and money recruiting patients.

Decrease patient-related protocol deviations

We’ve demonstrated that patients who use our mobile engagement solution are 85% less likely to have a drug interruption deviation and two times less likely to have a procedure related deviation. With cleaner, higher quality data, you’ll save time and reach database lock faster.

Features & Benefits


Study reminders that keep patients on track with your protocol
Automated reminders reduce the burden on clinical research sites who would ordinarily remind study subjects to fulfill their commitments to your program. Our solution can deliver protocol-specific reminders about study medications, appointments and PRO diary windows, as well as other need-to-know details. These can be sent via text message, push notification, email or voice.


Mobile access to third-party payment and lab courier services for ease of use
It’s not uncommon that a single clinical trial will ask participants to use multiple systems. Our solution changes that. We’ve built integrations with the leading global providers of lab courier services and patient reimbursement and payment information. In a single app, patients can request at-home lab pickup and view reimbursement and payment information.


A partnership with Uber Health to offer patients reliable transportation
A top challenge that research patients face is access to reliable, affordable and pre-paid transportation to get to and from their study clinic. Via Uber Health’s new API, we can offer research patients the ability to request a study visit ride from the world’s most well-known, on-demand service, making travel and logistics more reliable and convenient than ever before. Sponsors can access detailed trip histories and analytics like aggregated billing for greater quality assurance.


A personalized program that connects patients with their trial community
Our solution includes protocol-specific engagement strategies to meet the needs of your patient population. Our project team will review your protocol and configure the app with personalized visit schedules, study-specific documents and multimedia content, gamification capabilities, site contacts and more.


An effortless patient activation process that takes the burden off your sites
We’ve received overwhelmingly positive feedback from sites about our system’s ease of use and rapid patient setup process. While our system is intuitive even to first-time users, we know your sites are busy. That’s why we offer the very best site support services through a dedicated site optimization team.

Implementation & Functionalities

  • Patients can access personalized medication, appointment and other study-specific reminders
  • Each mobile program is configured to match your specific study protocol
  • Tool works across all smartphones and tablets and can be deployed in a BYOD model
  • Tool can be quickly set up via a site-initiated activation message sent directly to the patient’s phone
  • We provide full launch documentation, including IRB/EC submissions, data protection statements and testing documentation, making deployment virtually effortless for our clients’ teams