Bracket Rater Station℠, an enhanced type of electronic Clinician-Reported Outcome (eClinRO) and core component of the Bracket eCOA℠ platform that also supports certain ObsRO and PROs configurations, provides added quality control and improved performance and outcomes in clinical trials.

Why Bracket Rater Station℠?

Bracket’s Rater Station℠ is a regulatory compliant device used in dozens of worldwide studies with extensive use in central nervous system clinical trials. With an intelligent and flexible design and availability in more than 60 languages, the Rater Station℠ is an advanced eClinRO tool that improves interview quality while reducing administration and scoring errors. Outcomes can be programmed to enforce a structured interview format and can be applied to a wide range of therapeutic areas and Clinician-Reported Outcomes, in addition to electronic Patient-Reported Outcomes and Observer-Reported Outcomes. Bracket Rater Station℠ is supported by a simple training process led by a team of expert consultants.


See Bracket’s Rater Station in Action

Features & Benefits

An intelligent interview design that reduces patient and user error
As with all of Bracket’s eCOA tools, the Rater Station℠ is designed for clinicians, by clinicians. Through a formal user experience process involving feedback from more than 20 stakeholders and 100 individual observations, Bracket Rater Station℠ meets the unique challenges of site investigators, clinicians and study coordinators. The intuitive platform is flexible and features an easy-to-use interface and workflow that streamlines subject visits for study personnel. With a question library that allows for scale and questionnaire customization and a system that provides clinical edit checks to reduce error, Bracket Rater Station℠ is designed to improve data quality while reducing investigator and patient burden.

Administration and scoring capabilities that add real clinical value
Bracket Rater Station℠ offers advanced authentication, user management and scoring features, allowing sponsors more control over their data and study administration. With auto-save functionality and single-click data transfer, date and time stamps, interview time tracking and alert and notification management tools, sponsors can administer studies to protocol with complete quality control.

The Rater Station℠ library of eScales can be administered offline and includes more than 130 scales across many therapeutic areas, enables accurate clinical interviews and presents easy-to-read scale and scoring summaries. The platform’s advanced capabilities such as alerts, notifications and the ability to display custom content and Placebo Responsive Videos provide configurable control, adding real clinical value to every study.

An adaptable and industry-leading global eClinRO solution
The Rater Station℠ is used by sponsors and clinicians worldwide to support the management and conduct of clinical trials utilizing eClinRO for global studies. This innovative technology, uniquely customized to studies and sites, is applicable to a wide range of CROs and therapeutic areas including Alzheimer’s disease and has aided data collection at thousands of sites since 2012. The platform easily integrates with other systems such as IVRS and eCRF and connects seamlessly with Bracket Endpoint Reliability® and monitoring. Bracket Rater Station℠ is the industry-leading eClinRO solution that improves clinical trial conduct and quality and makes patient assessments easier for site staff.

eClinRO Service Advancements

Bracket’s industry-leading Rater Station℠ solution provides clients unique advancements in eClinRO services, including:

  • Ease of data capture at study site
  • Elimination of transcription costs and errors
  • Prevention of missing and unreadable data
  • Instant availability of completed visit data
  • Built-in error trapping intelligence
  • Integrated scoring and audio and video capture
  • FDA-preferred means of capture
  • Real-time data and reports access
  • Customizable per protocol requirements
  • Collection of precise assessments across multi-site, global development programs
  • Identification of underperforming sites and raters


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