Why Cloud Hosting can be the right choice for Clinical Trial Inventory Management Solutions

Byprimerano-jim Jim Primerano, Sr. Vice President and General Manager, eClinical at Bracket

As sites, sponsors and clinical research organizations (CROs) continue to manage more complex trial inventory, frequently on an international level, the need for an end-to-end clinical trial management solution that will ensure inventory is regulated in an FDA compliant manner is critical. Small to mid-sized companies often face challenges implementing these solutions, due to the complex IT infrastructure requirements, associated third-party costs and lack of in-house resources to maintain and manage the solution. These roadblocks highlight the advantages of a cloud-based solution, which is what Bracket is now offering for our SmartSupplies suite.

If you are considering upgrading from static Excel spreadsheets to intelligent inventory management software, consider how a cloud-based solution will benefit your organization almost immediately.

  • Saves money by reducing third-party management costs and overall IT footprint

In addition to being competitively priced and with reports demonstrating cloud-based services to reduce expenses by 50%, a solution hosted in the cloud will dramatically reduce third-party costs. Cloud hosting eliminates the need for hardware maintenance and management, thereby reducing the need for costly off-shore contractors and vendors. For companies without their own IT infrastructure and servers in place, a cloud-based solution eliminates the need to configure that framework – and instead, allows the company to focus on benefitting from the application itself.

  • Ensures compliance through proactive yet non-disruptive system health-checks

The transparency provided by cloud-hosted solutions allows your vendor to proactively monitor the software, push out updates and ensure all components are compliant with the latest FDA regulations. For example, your software provider can see if your organization is properly allocating memory space, if and when the infrastructure is aging and work to proactively mitigate the issues. Ultimately, the transparency of the cloud will allow your organization to focus first and foremost on running your clinical trial smoothly, rather than on incessant maintenance of your IT infrastructure.

  • Enables better collaboration across sites and easier integration with other eClinical systems

The smartest clinical trial inventory management software solutions are designed to facilitate end-to-end materials management for sponsors and enable greater collaboration. When hosted in the cloud, all involved parties – from clinical research associates to end-users – can seamlessly and instantaneously share data, regardless of geography. For clinical research associates who are running study management around the globe or for organizations who have thousands of end-users managing inventory at a site, it’s important to have easy and instant access to a shared database.

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